Wealthy Affiliate Review-Six Figure Income Road Map To Freedom

Wealthy Affiliate Review
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Wealthy Affiliate Review 

Back in 2016, I doubted Wealthy Affiliate, It took several emails to convince me it was something I need to take a closer look at. Wealthy Affiliate has taught me how to build a website that earns me over $500 per day. Now I know that doesn’t sound much, but what would an extra $500 do for you?  

I’ve been doing this for 6 years now and I want to show you how to do the same thing. With your free membership. You will receive the step-by-step training and coaching you need to build a profitable online business. Plus you get help personally from me as you go through the training course and become successful 

Are you saying this is not possible? but keep reading to discover the power of what’s inside the community. 

Wealthy Affiliate Review 

Straight up, this one of the best Wealthy Review that every newbie should be reading right now. As a 7 year member of Wealthy Affiliate and an average joe who had invested time and energy promoting affiliate programs/products and have made money along the way. I stand firm on Wealthy Affiliate forget what you read and heard about WA. 

Wealthy Affiliate Review

It’s totally up to you if you decide to Join. >>>> CLICK HERE JOIN THE STARTER MEMBERSHIP FOR FREE

With this Wealthy Affiliate Review, my objective is to do three things. 

First, I want to take you inside the community and give you an honest look inside the community of Wealthy Affiliate… You will discover the benefits of joining and what they have to offer.

Second, I want you to get excited and inspired to jump at this opportunity and start your journey of building your website. Making money through affiliate marketing is hard work, but it’s not hard to do with the right tools.

Third, I want you to think hard about whether Wealthy Affiliate is the right course for you. Let’s be honest WA isn’t for everyone. So time the time to read this guide. 

If you rather skip all this you can Create Your Free Starter Membership Here. and on your journey. You will learn more about Premium Membership that costs $49/month. 

Wealthy Affiliate University is one of the most popular platforms on the internet today. The founder Kyle and Carson have been around for 15 years and still building over 8 million loyal members every day. 

As a premium member for 7 years, I know how the system works and know all about a community that wants to see you succeed online. 

Wealthy Affiliate Review

The Driving Features of Wealthy Affiliate 

The feature training course you’ll be learning inside Wealthy Affiliate is how to build a website from scratch. Then another course will show you how to start earning money from affiliate programs. 

Once you have built your website. Then there will be little task assignments you need to work on to get through each core training module. This will require some effort from you. By writing a simple product review, and other topics surrounding your niche. 

To be honest this is where most people have a hard time building their website. It involves work. This ultimately ends up with people quitting because of the thought of creating content. I believe I had the same thought when I first started saying that there was no way I’m a writer. But here is the proof 7 years later I’m still writing content. 

Another key factor most people find it difficult and quit because 6 months down the road still no results. Trust I’ve been there where one year I didn’t see a dime. Believe me, I started where you at right now. 

One thing to note about Wealthy Affiliates is that they don’t teach you how to get rich fast. Hell no! 

They teach and provide you with the knowledge to build a profitable website with any niche. Whether you are interested in building birdhouses. or teaching basketball skills you can build a website and make money. That’s the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate. 

What is the Secret Behind Wealthy Affiliate? Why Are They So Successful? 

The power behind Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the community that wants you to become successful with your niche. It is a community of active members. You have the power in your hand to ask any question and not have to wait days and hours to get a reply. Your question will be answered quickly by some expertise within the community. 

Hey, are you still with me reading this Wealthy Affiliate Review? Good just checking let’s continue. 

It builds your confidence with you have millions of people supporting you along the way helping you reach your goals. 

What Should My Website Be About? 

When I first started with my journey, This was one of my stumbling blocks trying to figure out what should my site be about? I had no idea what I can bring to the table in the world of the internet. 

The biggest tip I recommend is doing your research on products that are trending and in high demand. In other words, what are people buying these days? The best way to find your niche is through a keyword tool called Jaaxy.   If you haven’t created your free account yet I suggest you go ahead and do that right away. 

Wealthy Affiliate Review

You can be making money from companies like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Click Bank, etc. Everything you need is included in the 

Wealthy Affiliate Training Course. 

Although Wealthy Affiliate has an Affiliate Bootcamp Course Showing you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate, But you don’t have to promote WA if you don’t want to. There is some talk out there on the net saying you can only make money promoting WA. Not true. To add the icing on the cake here is some proof that you can make money without promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Need More Proof? New To WA, Want To Quit or Have Doubts? Success Stories Will Show You The Money

Wealthy Affiliate Review

The Teaching At Wealthy Affiliate

In this part of this wealthy affiliate review, let’s get into the teaching style of the lesson. 

This is where the fun begins with 5 levels of training and the majority of those training consist of 10 lessons with several tasks you have to complete to move on to the next lesson.

Once you check all the tasks you can move on the to next lesson. Yes, you can skip a lesson but don’t recommend it if you are serious about building your site. Dude! do the work…

Anytime during the training, you can ask questions at the bottom of the course. You can also see other people asking questions throughout the course and get connected with other newbies. Everyone is happy happy happy to help jump your success. 

Wealthy Affiliate is The King Of Free Stuff! 

Let’s break down the cost of each tool needed. 

Email Hosting- An email address is an important tool to have for your

online business. 

  • GoDaddy-Buy unlimited email address for $5/mo $60/year
  • Name cheap-Buy 1 email address for $10/year or 10 emails for $30/per year 
  • Wealthy Affiliate- Free

Site SSL Certificates: which is the (HTTPS) of your domain name.

  • Namecheap-1 domain $60/year and you must do the work and install yourself
  • GoDaddy- 1 domain $56/year and you must install yourself
  • Wealthy Affiliate – Free with your membership… Let’s continue

WordPress Optimized Hosting Package- Typically Site That Manages Your Site. 

  • SiteGround- $-4.99-$17.00/mo.
  • Bluehost-$19.95-$49,95
  • Flywheel-$13-$242 
  • WP Engine-$20-$217.50 
  • Wealthy Affiliate specializes in WordPress hosting your cost is completely free with your membership.

Spam Filter Security-Website protection is a must-have tool. Take a look at what other sites offer. Keep in mind these are the starting prices. Year prices range $200-$300 or more in some cases 

  • AppTrana– $99/mo- 
  • Imunify360– $12/mo 
  • GoDaddy– $5.59/mo
  • Sucuri Website Security $9.99/mo
  • Wealthy Affiliate- Team make sure every member’s site is safe all done Free with your membership 

Keyword Research Tool- You should already be familiar with Jaaxy. While others are very helpful but you have to pay to use them 

  • SEMrush $99/mo
  • Ahrefs-$99/mo
  • WA Jaaxy– $19-$49

Each of these tools provides essential data for finding keywords and find the competition is doing on their site. Although these are more advanced tools, still the cost is the main focus in this Wealthy Affiliate Review. The cost for using Jaaxy  Click Here To Create Your Free Jaaxy Account

Now that you have seen some of the costs comparing compare to Wealthy Affiliate the results are crazy that WA gives all this away for free just for becoming a premium member for $49 per month. Now I know some people look at paying $49 dollars and think this is too much to afford. As you can see the cost of running a website is more expensive without Wealthy Affiliate. 

Friday’s Weekly Live Training

I wanted to share this special aspect in this Wealthy Affiliate Review is the live training. This occurs every Friday night by Jay. If you ever join a webinar training they make you wait to the very end to sell you something. You have spent an hour and ended up with crap.

The good thing about WA live training is all about education. They are not going to selling you anything, Jay main goal is to help you grow your website. Take a look at some of those Friday live training sessions. Plus if you ever missed a live training, you can watch the replay within 24 hours.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

As an active member, you get access to all the training sessions. If you want you can join the live training this Friday night and ask questions at the end. 

Every training leaves you pump and ready to take on new challenges of building your website. Ready to get the scoop on new tips and marketing strategies then you will hear all about them in the live training. 

Live Chat

Another good feature of Wealthy Affiliate is the Live Chat. Go hang out and chat with other members. At the time you might run across the founder’s Kyle and Carson hanging out in the chat room that day. 

If you have a question and need answers fast. You can get the answer real quick just pop in the live chat and wait on your response. I typically pop in the live chat sometimes, however, there is always someone in there to help. 

Wealthy Affiliate Review

How Long Does It Take To Start Making Money Online?

Every member’s website business is different. So I can’t give you a timeline on when you can start making money. I’ve seen members make money in a month while others start earning 6 months later. However, there are some members still trying to get over that $50-$100.mo threshold. 

My point is don’t get discouraged if you do not see those big $10,000 commission payouts. Stay focus and stick to your goals. Hang in there with Wealthy Affiliate soon you will share your success story with the community. 

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories are not made overnight. Whenever you build your first website that doesn’t mean it has to be a big hit. You will create some sites that won’t earn you a dime. You will find that home run website that going to create your WA success story. In the meantime keep learning and keep growing your busy daily. 

Now That I Finish My First Training Course What Next? 

Congrats on finishing, so what the next thing? As you continue moving through your training, you are going to get inspired by other means such as email marketing, writing content, and getting traffic to your site. There is so much you can do with your website. Plus you have those Wealthy Affiliate training courses to help you along the way. 

As you continue designing your website. You will get tons of ideas from other websites in your niche. Although WA has some good training. Try finding ideas by looking at YouTube videos and subscribing to blogs on how to build your business. 

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost Monthly?

One thing I like about joining a good opportunity is the cost. Since most people already the essential tools to start creating a website such as a spare room, laptop, or desktop computer. Running your online business is not likely to put a strain on your budget. The majority of building your online business is Free! When you join Wealthy Affiliate. Your only budget need to run your online business

Website Hosting $49 /per month 

Domain name $14/per year

Total cost for everything $50/month 

Now serious website owners spend more money on paid traffic, writing assistants, Google and Bing paid advertisements, etc. 

What Happens If I Leave Wealthy Affiliate 

No one wants you to leave Wealthy Affiliate, However, a life situation does occur. Whatever going on it’s OK. What happens if you leave? That a good question. o

You can leave Wealthy Affiliate at any time. If you have reached that decision to quit, you can log into your account and under setting click the cancel tab button and you’re Done!

However, if you love what you have created but don’t want to continue to be in WA. You are giving 30 days to move your site to another hosting site. If you just need time to figure things out Wealthy Affiliate will backup your website for six months.

How can I Pay For My Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

There are numerous ways to pay for the WA membership. In this section of this Wealthy Affiliate Review, we’re going to give you some tips. So the cost of your WA membership will cost $49 bucks a month 

Most people don’t like to hear about their spending habits, but this is the truth. 

  • Tip #1-  Stop Eat Out- Let’s be real here if you go eat out it going to cost you around $45 buck and can be more if you taking the family out. 
  • Tip #2 – Stop paying for a TV Subscription, which probably cost about $29-$49 bucks
  • Tip #3 – Cancel Membership you don’t need like Amazon prime which cost around $15 buck a month
  • Tip #4 – Limited your Fast Food Eating which about $10 bucks 
  • Tip #5 – Cancel Netflix costs about $12 bucks per month. Try out a streaming site such as HULU, it free. 
  • Tip-#6 – Take on some side jobs or find work from home gigs like writing 

If you are serious about your new business and remain an active member at Wealthy Affiliate. You can do whatever it takes to pay for your membership, 

Maybe are just curious and don’t have to heart for it. It OK but be real with yourself. Because to become successful in making money online, you have to have the heart for it. 

Wealthy Affiliate Comprising To Others Network

As you can see according to the chart above that Wealthy Affiliate is the better choice to getting started today. 

Think About Investing In Yourself ( Entrepreneur Mindset) 

I believe I can say that most people starting an online business are not truly committed. Most people are curious but not committed. I’ve seen a lot of people get so excited in the beginning and the moment you mention the money they quit. Isn’t it time to start investing in yourself? 

If you want real results then it’s going to take some investment on your part. Starting a new business from scratch is freak-n hard work. And without the right resources than just got harder than ever. In order to make money with your affiliate blog, it’s going to take a lot of hustling to reach your goals. 

My opinion why most people fail is that they don’t invest time and money into themselves. Are your freak-m tell me that investing as little as $50/mo to change your life? Are you too busy to take the time to commit One Year to build a profitable online business? 

Ok, I get you probably still skeptical about everything you have read in this Wealthy Affiliate Review. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Can I Really Do This? Of course, I’ve been there.

Think about where you want your life to be in the next five years from now. What does that look like? Still busting your ass trying to make ends meet. Tired and body ache all the time from working long ass hours all day.

Take the time to invest the time and money into yourself. Be committed and you will see some exciting results. >>>Join Wealthy Affiliate Today


Of you are going to read tons of other Wealthy Affiliate Reviews, How I hope the review has shared some valuable information that will keep you coming back to my site for more.

If you want things to change about your life, then you need to do something to change it. Timing is everything there was a reason you are reading this post. It’s your time to make a difference in your life and your family’s life. 

There is no guarantee when you start an online business, but if you believe in yourself then it’s possible to make a Six-Figure Income.

Jump Start Your Premium Membership Today 

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