TaskRabbit Review-Side Hustles Earning $2,000-$7,000 Month

Taskrabbit review
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TaskRabbit Review

This is one side hustle I discovered recently called TaskRabbit. I still can’t believe how people are making some serious money with this app. To let in on a secret, some people are bringing home $2,000 per week doing side jobs in their city.  

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Now that’s some serious cash flow for some with your experience in home improvement, painting, etc. There are a lot of people who need help with projects around the house or business. They are looking for people to hire to do the work for them. And they are using TaskRabbit to find those people. 

TaskRabbit Review

The purpose of sharing the information is that if you are looking for a side hustle. Then you have just discovered the TaskRabbit app that brings home the bacon for many people around the world. 

You can start making good money on the side. So keep reading this Taskrabbit review and learning how to get started. 

What is TaskRabbit? 

Taskrabbit is an app IOS & Android that allows anyone who downloads it can search for hired help. Whether it’s painting, waiting in line, Tv mounting, Help to move, even yard work. If you are good at handyman work you can get paid. 

There are numerous services available on the site where you can start earning a second income on evenings or Weekends. That said, people are willing to pay you some serious money for the work.

For example,  $70-hour folding T-shirts.  That is crazy right? and there are more jobs you can find on TaskRabbit.  

In this TaskRabbit review, you can even set your own rates and become your own boss with over 200 services waiting for hire in your city. 

What To Expect On The Site? 

Once you are on the site click on the service tab and a drop-down will appear with all the available services. There are some jobs for hire working from home such as data entry. So you can make money right from your kitchen table without going anywhere. Think about making $2,000 or $7,000 per month working from home.


TaskRabbit Review

Check out some of the different rates for each TaskRabbit city. Let’s say you live in the Atlanta Area. As you can see in the image below they are paying $50 per hour for help moving. if you were to work 4 hours that’s $200 dollars, for 8 hours that’s $400 that day… if you work the entire week you are looking at $2,000 for one week. That’s serious money.

 Here are some other side hustle jobs listed below.

  • Graphic Design – $18/per hour
  • Event planning – $16/per hour
  • Deep Cleaning – $33/per hour
  • Computer help – $32/per hour
  • Carpenter Help – $41/per hour
  • Data Entry – $19/per hour 
  • Cooking & Baking – $19/ per hour 
  • TaskRabbit IKEA Assembly $15/per hour
  • Office Administration – $15/per hour

So much more service for hire on the site. This is some real side hustle money right at your fingertips. Follow the steps below 

TaskRabbit Review
  • Signup
  • Build Your Profile
  • Verify Your Identity
  • Pay Registration Fee
  • Set your Schedules and rates
  • Start getting jobs.  

Keep in mind that rates are different depending on the city you live in. Check out these services to see if your city is listed in order to become a tasker and start earning some paychecks. 



What You Should Consider Before Joining TaskRabbit

  • Flexible jobs right at your fingertips: This app allows you to set your own rates and scheduling of time to work 
  • Suitable to fit your expertise skills: There are a number of jobs that are just right in your field of expertise. Contractor, Electrician, etc 
  • Be your own boss: TaskRabbit allows you to work anytime and create freedom and happiness in your life. 

That’s how people in local cities are doing the damn thing! and bringing home $2,000 up to $7,000 per month with TaskRabbit App.

TaskRabbit Review

So do your research on which service is paying the highest in your city then go get that money. TaskRabbit connects with local people looking for hire help. Once you become a Tasker you begin doing the thing you love and get paid. 

How Do I Get Started? 

First, you want to create your profile and download the tasker app on your phone to finish up the registration. Ok now that you’ve done that step, select the services you are going to offer in your city. Continue the process by submitting the Identity business forms

Next pay your registration Fee, Keep in mind this is nonrefundable. Then start setting up your schedule to start getting jobs. 

TaskRabbit Review

What are the Requirements Before Signing Up TaskRabbit?

  • You must be 18 yrs or older
  • You have to live in the listed cites on the site
  • Need to Have a Checking Account for processing payments 
  • Need to Have a SmartPhone Apple IOS, Android,
  • Must have a Social Security Number 
  • $25 For The Registration Fee 

I know this seems like a lot to get started with TaskRabbit, But it is worth taking the time to set up your offer and payments. 

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Wow, I have to admit that is some serious money with TaskRabbit as you have read all about it in this TaskRabbit Review. Although you can find some jobs to work online on the site. But you can’t do all of them online right? Most of the services listed require you to be there in person. 

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If you have any questions regarding this post. Please Feel Free to Leave a comment below. I always reply to all my readers. 

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  1. Task Rabbit is really game changer for both the employed and unemployed. Making extra cash has been the dream of many and this app is a dream come true

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  3. It is a nice website that looks great for earning. I would like to know whether this application works for India or not.

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  4. TaskRabbit is quite interesting , because it provides 2000-7000$per week which is very high amount.There is no any boss here which is also good .

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  10. These are handy these days where everything is done online!!! There is a lot of competition sure but the market is expanding more than ever. At the end of the day the best men and skills wins.

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