Step-By-Step Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Step-By-Step Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
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Step By Step Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Proven Strategies

Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry. In Today’s world more people are interested in getting a piece of the pie. This post will help you discover the power of affiliate marketing step-by-step.

According to Statista, the majority of business earning with affiliate marketing will hit over 8.2 billion next year in 2022.

Starting Today you will be on the right path to take advantage of this billion dollar goldmine.

Step By Step Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

In today’s guide you will learn the steps to getting started with affiliate marketing and start hustling for big payouts. Does that sound exciting? But before we get started let’s cover some basics about affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you get paid a commission for promoting products/services. And whenever someone buys products through your affiliate link, you earn a commission for that sale. As an affiliate, you are the voice for that company. You help create excitement for the product. You are the sales person and the company pays you.

Step-By-Step Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

The best thing about being an affiliate marketer hustler is the sky’s the limit. You can be a salesperson for as many companies as you want. You can promote as many products for different affiliate marketing programs and earn some nice big commission.

What Are The Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of those things where you might not be able to create products to sell. But you are good at promoting other people’s products. Affiliate marketing allows you to work anywhere in the world.

Whether at home in your pajamas or at the beach of Costa Rica you can do affiliate marketing. Here are some other benefits of Affiliate Marketing.

  • Low Cost- You are not required to have any startup cost. You are responsible for coming up with advertising methods
  • No Risk Factor– Since you only get paid whenever there is a sale made through your links. This is perfect for working at home moms and dads, college students,etc.
  • Target Traffic– People who buy products from you are handpicked only by you through targeted traffic coming from your website.This happens because of your brand and trustworthy subscribers on your email list. This is important because you want only people who are interested in what you have to offer.
  • Flexibility – Affiliate Marketing allows you to scale up your income by promoting high ticket offers or many different affiliate programs.
  • Work any where in the World – One of the benefits of affiliate marketing you can work from anywhere.

How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

To be honest with you here. If you are expecting me to say you’re going to make a lot of money with affiliate marketing. I can’t promise you that my friend.

The amount of money you make depends on what type of affiliate offers you are promoting. Yes you can get some encouragement from taking a look at Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income website. Keep in mind it has taken him years to reach that amount of affiliate sales.

What you earn from affiliate sales realizes your efforts and dedication to your business. So how much you can make with Affiliate marketing? It can be from Zero to Thousands per month.

You have to set your expectation about affiliate your check can be $1.04 cents.Or $200-$500. Be mindful you won’t earn a big commission right from the beginning. It’s going to take some time and hard work to reach that level.

Now that we’ve covered some basics of affiliate marketing. Let’s focus on the step-by-step affiliate marketing for beginners.

Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Step #1 What Platform Are You Going To Use?

Basically you can use any platform to run your affiliate marketing business. For example Instagram as you can see in the image below of my profile.

Step By Step Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

However most affiliate marketing hustlers find it much easier to build their audiences using Youtube channels to convert more sales. There is a lot of information on how to get started with affiliate marketing on the internet. Also there are other platforms such as Pinterest that you are going to be able to choose in your journey.

Step By Step Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Step #2 Choose your Niche

A niche is best described as a product you are thinking of promoting for commission, but keep in mind to choose your niche wisley. Pick a product that your target audience wants and most like to convert in sales.

The niche should kbe something of interest, skill or expertise. Think about a passion you love doing for example cooking then focus around a particular type of cooking for instant vegan cooking.

Affiliate marketing hustlers focus on niches that people will enjoy reading content and also click on the affiliate link and make a purchase. It is important to note that your targeted audience should be interested in the product. As an Affiliate Marketing hustler it’s your job is to figure out what sets your niche product apart from all the rest.

One way to set your niche apart is through researching. Here is my top strategy for finding the perfect niche that will drive people into a frenzy to buy. There are three things to look for.

  • What are people searching for online?
  • Finding low competition keywords for better ranking
  • Search for long tail keyword

Lucky for you I’ve already found the best tool that will help you find the best niche. It’s called Jaaxy.

Step By Step Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Try not to wreck your brain thinking about finding the perfect niche. I promise it won’t be your last.

Step #3 Build a Website/Blog

Now we have reached the technical side of becoming an Affiliate Marketing hustler by building a website/blog. This website will be the foundation of your future commission empire. It will be the home of everything you do from this point on. It will be where your content comes alive, also where you began to brand your business. This is the home of every tool you use to generate more income.

Forget everything you heard about setting up a website/blog. The only way to build it by my #number one training course for beginners. This course is perfect because you can build it slowly at your own pace. That way you can fully understand how to build your niche site the right way. There are some things needed in order to create your site.

Domain name: A domain is the identity of your website/blog. This is something like affiliatemarketinghustler.com. The problem for most beginners is that they can spend hours trying to come up with a domain name. A little advice is to stick to something short that your people will remember.

Hosting Server: This is a service that is going to house your website. Most people will consider hosting sites like Hostgator, Bluehost which charges as little $2.95/mo to host a website.

If you are serious about making money online and having one of the best foundation platforms hosting your WordPress blog. I highly recommend checking out my #1 training course for anyone looking for change in their finances. Click Here To Get Access Today!

Step #4 Finding High Paying Affiliate Products/Programs

This step-by-step affiliate marketing for beginners guide. Let’s talk about finding affiliate programs that pay out big commissions. Here are some my top picks for affiliate programs
If you are like me, when considering joining affiliate programs. Your goal is to make some nice commissions by promoting so it looks something like this:

Fiverr- Best of the Best Affiliate Marketing Hustler Program- This program is a lot like Amazon but focuses on the digital world. Once you sign up for the fiverr affiliate program the digital world is in your hands. You can promote from logos, writing to website designing. Affiliates earn up to $150 up to $1000 per sales. Get Started as Fiverr Affiliate Hustler.

Disclaimer: Some links in this post are affiliate links that will provide me with a small commission at no cost to you, However I love everyone and have confidence they are the best for generating affiliate sales. You can read my full Affiliate Disclosure here.

Hosting Affiliate Programs– Anyone building a new website needs hosting service. Web hosting is one program that pays a good commission per sale.

Bluehost: is one of my top choices for getting a big commission.By promoting Bluehost, Affiliates can earn your high converting payouts Get started today.


Hostgator: This is another hosting that you can earn up to $100 per sale. By promoting and signing up for a hostgator affiliate program you have access to banners and links to start cashing in some big commission.

Gator Website Builder

Liquid Web: This affiliate program pays up to $150 per signup. One you sign up for liquid web affiliate program you have access to a marketing tool to promote.

Liquid Web Storm VPS

Step #5 – Creating Good Content

Content is the key ingredient to succeed online with a website. If you want to get people noticing your website, then creating good content should be considered. One of the most money making content is product reviews.

Creating good content can be based on your own experiences. You can purchase the product and then write a product review explaining the pros and cons of that particular product. There are other blog content you can write about related to your niche.

Step #6 Driving Traffic To Your Website/blog.

Now that you have created some good content around your niche.The next step is getting people to read your content so they can click your affiliate link with your article. So there are some strategies you can do to drive traffic to your site.

Free Traffic: Sharing your post in many different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Although this is a free method with no cost to you. However it’s also much harder to get the results you’re looking for.
Paid Traffic: This promoting strategy consists of paid traffic by the way of PPC advertising. The good thing about this method the moment you pay you begin receiving loads of traffic to your affiliate website/blog.

Keep in mind that when moving towards paid traffic, it can be very costly if you are not careful.

Psst… I thought it would be a good time to take your mind off the step-by-step affiliate marketing for beginners guide to one of the best training courses of all time. Learn how you can start earning $200-$500 per day as an affiliate marketing hustler. Click Here Create Your Free Account Today and let’s get your side hustle commission.

Ok glad you are back for your break, Now let;s continue reading this step-by-step affiliate marketing for beginners guide.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization: If you are a website owner, being able to drive more traffic to your website is getting better ranking in Google. One way to do this is SEO practice.Getting high ranking for target keywords in search engines will continue to drive a lot of traffic to your site.

Build Your Email List: This is the most forgettable strategy most people are reluctant to when growing their affiliate marketing business. Building an email list allows you to reach out and stay in touch with your subscribers. In most cases you can share information about events, sales and product offers by email broadcast, newsletters. Build your email list and your readers need to be persuaded to join your list or newsletter.

Here are some of the top recommended email providers that you can give it a try for free.


Step By Step Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


Step By Step Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing is a great source to earning some extra money online. Just know we are not guaranteed about Affiliate sales here. Everything mentioned in their post are the fundamentals of getting you on the right path. Keep in mind don’t expect to go from rags to riches overnight.
Affiliate marketing takes time to achieve.

Make it a goal to focus on your first affiliate sales commissions.Then set new goals as your website continues to grow.

  Hey what happening ladies and Gentelemen, Good to meet your and I hope you have enjoyed the post. My name is Anthony and I’m the owner of Affiliate Marketing
Hustler. I start my first online business back in 2012 promoting affiliate products and now I help new beginners start their own profitable affiliate site.
Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how the get started for Free!

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