Shutterstock Review

Shutterstock review
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Shutterstock review

Name: Shutterstock Review
Price: $49-$500 per month depending on the plan
Owners: Jon Oringer
Overall Ranking 4.8 95% rate 5 Stars

Product Overview -Shutterstock Images 

Shutterstock is a platform that focuses on selling images and music on blogs and Youtube Channels. All the content is created by people who love taking pictures and photographers that upload images to sell to Shutterstock. To give you a little better understanding watch the video below.

Although there are a lot of free images available on the platform, if you are looking for top quality images then you are going to pay a price for that particular image. Shutterstock was created sometime back in 2003, so you can tell they’ve been around for quite some time. Now having over 3 million of royalty free that you can choose from on Shutterstock.

People have different opinions about Shutterstock so I’m hoping the Shutterstock review will help you make a positive decision whether to move forward.

The Good & Bad

The Good:

  • Free Images rollovers every month
  • You Can Download Music & Images
  • Licences approval with website guidelines
  • Exclusive Images for your blog
  • Fast interface
  • Free One Month Trial You Cancel Anytime

The Bad

  • Cost for high quality images is expensive for online marketers
  • Free images might not be what you looking for little search volume
  • High Quality Images can be little overpricing
  • Canceling can be challenging for returns when reaching out for support.

Who is Shutterstock For?

Shutterstock is for anyone looking to obtain good high quality images.Whether you are a blogger, website owner or graphic designer. marketing agencies etc
you can find what you need on Shutterstock website.

Shutterstock Tools & Training

Shutterstock do have some editing tools that you can work You can check that editing tool here

Shutterstock 24/7 Support

Yes they do offer 24/7 Customer Support , You can get your question answer quickly by searching on the site for related how to article previous asked questions

Shutterstock Pricing

Let talk about the pricing, if you are looking to purchasing high quality images on Shutterstock then you want to know the pricing
Although there are free images, if you are a blogger then you want the best images available. Let’s dive into the pricing.

Monthly Plans

  • $29/month- for 10 images
  • $99/month for 50 images
  • $169/month for 350 images
  • $199/month for 750 images

Ok here are some on demand packages to purchase whenever you buy these plans they will come with a standard license.

On Demand Buy Packages

  • $29 for 2 images
  • $49 for 5 images
  • $229 for 25 images

My Final Opinion About ShutterStock

As an Affiliate Marketer myself searching for high quality images Of course I like free images but the problem is finding what I need for my particular project.

Certainly you can get good images from Shutterstock, but if you want the best then you gonna have to dig into your pockets a little to purchase the images you want. It can be expensive. However if you are working on video footage then Shutterstock would be something to lookin into for your project. Shutterstock offers some amazing images that are available at your fingertips.

You can have the power of searching for that perfect image with a click of a mouse.

In this section of my Shutterstock review. I hope I’ve helped you make an educated decision on whether Shutterstock is for you or not. Overall Shutterstock has it’s good and bad, but it does prived everything you need.

My Final Verdict ( Legit )

Shutterstock is a legit company as I mentioned earlier; they’ve been around since 2003, and have served over a million satisfied customers for years. So yes it’s legit but do your research. I would love to see some of your Shutterstock Images ..Please leave a Comment below

Shutterstock review

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