Podcasting for Beginners-Simple Outlines That’s Bound To Make Impact

Podcasting for beginners
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If you are thinking about podcasting or ready to begin, here is an outline of what you need to know.In today’s world podcasting is growing worldwide everyday. Listeners are tuning in on people’s podcasting shows from Dr Phil to financial advice to blogging. As podcasting continue
to grow now is your opportunity to start your own podcast on a budget.

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What You Will Learn Today 

In this article I am going to provide you with some simple podcasting tips and tricks that you need to get in order before starting a podcasting show. For beginners I have provided everything you need but remember to take on one task per week. Once you have everything mentioned below then you have your podcasting show live in no time.

Podcasting for beginners

What is Your Domain Name Going To Be?

Finding the right name for your podcasting show consists of three different methods.

Use your personal name: Tony little show.
Try creative name: Who’s your Baby daddy show
Use descriptive & tagline: Affiliate Podcast-Come hangout with marketers

Maybe you already have a topic in mind. The first thing you have to do is get a domain name to reflect the topic you plan to podcast about. For example, if you plan to podcast about politics then you will want a domain that reflects that, such as, we talk politics.com. Or maybe you want to talk about relationships then pick a domain that reflects it such as marriage.com or whatever you are developing your niche. The point is, make it easy to remember and make it reflect your topic.

Here is a good place to find some good podcasting names for your show. Once you have decided on a domain name make sure it’s available. Do a domain search and make sure it is available. There are a lot of websites out there that will do a domain search so this may take some time doing.

Once you have purchased the domain name and then registered it. Once you have done that now you can start the process for getting a website. Then you make take the time you purchase the right podcasting equipment. Take a Look At My Top Reccomended Podcasting Tools 

Building & Creating Your Website

For starters if you want to start your own show it’s better to have a custom domain name. However if you don’t want to go that route then there are podcasting hosting sites that will charge you a fee to host your post and also free podcasting recording software. In my research I found it quite difficult to register your podcast name on sites such as Itunes, Libsyn.Soundcloud, AmazonS3 and others if you don’t have a website.

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Now you need a website to host your podcasting. There are 100’s of Internet Providers out there, so do your search. However I recommend my #1 resources platform for building a website and purchasing your own domain. Learn what I do building profitable websites Here

Purchase your website, create the look of your website, and begin setting it up for your audience. When it comes to creating a website you can try to build it yourself and save money or you can hire a designer who can get it done for you in a week. This step is time-consuming so it is important to be patient.

Podcasting Equipment for Beginners

While all this is taking place be sure to purchase cheap podcast microphones, headset, and audio editing software. There are a lot of models on the market but to find one that is just right for you might be a trial and error process. Check out best podcasting equipment for beginners below

Once you have done all the steps above you can now record your first podcast and edit it. If you don’t have any editing experience this might be time consuming as well learning the software. Keep plugging away.

Recording & Uploading Your Podcast

Upload your audio to your server and then create links on your website for your audience. Before uploading your podcast show you want to figure out what it’s going to look like and what you content is going to say.

There are many factors that can take place on your podcast show for example, are you having a guest speaker,cohost,call in show or one man show. For beginners it’s best to have some kind of a roadmap on where you want to go concerning your podcast show. Hear is a time frame outline of how of your podcast should be

  • Intro Music-30 seconds
  • Topic number one- 3-4 minutes
  • Topic number two- 3-4 minutes
  • Break time with music- 30 seconds
  • Topic number three- 3-4 minutes
  • Topic number four- 3 minutes
  • Closing remarks- 2 minutes- thanking everyone, audiences, guest speakers, and inviting them to join your next podcasting show.
  • Close out with music-2-3 minutes

Create an RSS Feed For Your Listeners

Create an RSS feed for your audience so that they can listen to your podcasts on their mobile device. Creating an RSS feed might be a bit challenging but it’s worth it in the end for your audience to listen to you on their mobile devices.

This is good especially if you are uploading your podcast in Itunes, libsyn, soundcloud, etc. The success you get all depends on where you upload your podcast. Many of these sites offer a sharing option so you can share your podcast on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. There is even an option to embed your podcast in your blog post. Wherever you embed a podcast in your post this can help your SEO in the ranking better in the search engines.

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How To Make Money with a Podcast?

Now that you create a podcast and it’s going well, since the launch. Now you want to know how to make money from your podcast.The good thing is there are money ways to start monetizing your podcast. Some methods are good when you are just starting out while some work well if you already establish a podcaster.

Affiliate Marketing: mentioned different products recommended as to talking to your audience. Directing people to your blog/website to find out more information about a particular product. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing check out this amazing beginners course to affiliate marketing

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Sponsor Advertising: This is where other network sites connect with your advertiser to sponsor your podcasting show. The only problem with this method is that you’re going to need a bigger audience in the range of 5,000-10,000 per month. These networks will do all the work for you such as negotiating prices and getting you the script etc.

Creating an Online Course: Most established podcasters create their own online courses to offer to their listeners. Online courses are a great way to make money from a podcast, this can be sold at anyone of value for your listener to learn and follow to get the results. It might be a good idea to have an email provider to capture your audience email for future mailings.

Service Expertise: In many cases you can offer your expertise on a particular topic, Maybe you know how to build a website, create sales funnels,etc.
Coaching & Consulting: Offering your coaching or consulting expertise can show you how to improve something in their lives. Maybe you’re a fitness guru or weight loss consultant.

Physical Products: Are you the type of person who loves making T-shirts, mugs, hats, aprons and other nick nacks. Start putting your ideas to start making money. Site Teespring is a good source for making sure you get paid.


There you have it. In a nutshell, information on Podcasting for Beginners,this is how you get started. I know this isn’t enough information for most of you to know the importance of podcasts.

The whole process to getting up and running could take up to 4 months, depending on your level of experience with technology. That time frame may seem long but it may be well worth it in the end.

We have compiled a lot of resources in this article to help you get started and could possibly get you up and running in a week or two.
One final note, there are two kinds of podcasting, audio and podcast on youtube. This outline applies to both versions of podcasting.

If you have any questions Please let me know by commenting below this article. I would like to hear your thoughts.

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