Long Tail Pro Review-Best #1 Keyword Tool On The Planet

Longtail Pro Review
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Long Tail Pro Review


Let’s face it, keywords are the donwong of getting better ranking in Google Search Engine. Finding the right keyword that is going to bring tons of traffic to your site is quite difficult. That is why it’s important to use a keyword tool that can deliver you better results.

Sure you pay for traffic to your site by using advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google Ad, Microsoft Ads etc. However, be really to dive deep into your pockets to pay for traffic being sent to your website. One simple method that can drive organic traffic to your site is by creating content with relative keywords included that people are searching for on the web.

How cool is that man? And guess how much it cost me? Yes you guessed it zero…Think about how your ranking would increase search engines just finding these keywords on the fly. Finding a rich keyword is time consuming if you are trying to get better ranking in Google. Especially when you are looking for keywords for your own blog post..

Most bloggers will try to find keywords that are competitive for their niche.This only ends up not getting better ranking in the search engines. This is where I share an awesome ass keyword tool that’s breaking down the ranking barrier in search engines. It called LongTailPro

Product-LongTail Pro

So what is Longtail Pro? It’s a keyword tool that allows you to find low competition keywords rather than high competition keywords. This tool was developed by a guy named Spencer Haws, feel free to look him up on Google if you want to know more about him. Longtail Pro collects data for sites like Google Adwords. Longtail Pro can help you develop a strategy for getting better ranking in Google. Are you looking for an easy way to find the best keywords to rank in Google?

Video Tutorial About LongTail Pro

OK, I wanted to share this little video tutorial about this keyword tool to help you get a better understanding about it. So watch the video and let’s continue this Long Tail Pro Review

Hey, welcome back to this Long Tail Pro Review. Now that you watch the video, I hope it has helped you understand why I’m sitting here at my computer writing this Long Tail Pro Review.

Why Consider Using LongTail Pro?

One of the best reasons why you should consider using Longtail Pro, and that reason is for SEO marketing. LongTail Pro shows you exactly what keywords people are searching for in Google. Now this gets a low volume of traffic, but gets you better conversion rates on products or services. Using this tool gives you the advantage of finding better keywords.

If you have a particular niche that you’re working with now. You can use this LongTail Pro tool to find the best searchable keyword for your next article. This tool will give you hundreds of keyword suggestions that you can begin using for your blog content.

Who Is Longtail Pro For?

Well that is a good question, Longtail Pro is suitable for anyone looking to get better ranking in search engines. Here is my thoughts 

  • Anyone looking for low competition keywords.
  • Beginners looking for profitable niches
  • The busy person who wanting to save time searching
  • Bloggers looking for more traffic to their website.
  • SEO marketers seeking more traffic.

Does LongTailPro Offer Free Trials?

Yes, there is a 7- Day Free Trial that allows you to use LongTail Pro for a limited time.

Do They Offer Support?

Of course they offer support, either by searching for articles related to your question or problems

LongTail Pro – Pros 

  • Fast and Easy To Use
  • Find low competition keywords
  • Getting Better Ranking in Google
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Video Training
  • Saves Lots of Time
  • Pull about 400 related keywords
  • See the Score Between KC- 0-100 to how hard will it be for ranking
  • Can be used for Multiple Websites
  • Cost is little better than most other keyword tools out there.

Long Tail Pro – Cons 

  • Only shows searched for exact matches
  • Pricing can be costly for some people
  • Daily limited searches
  • Only limited numbers keyword displayed

LongTail Pro- Pricing

In this section of this LongTail Pro Review, we’re going to discuss how much this tool is going to cost monthly or yearly. Like any other tool you want to know how much it costs on a monthly basis, So here are the plan options currently available now.

Monthly plan $27.00 with 800 daily searches
Pro Plan $46.90 with 2500 daily searches
Monthly Agency plan with 6000 daily searches
Annual Starter plan $207.90
Annual Pro plan $375.90
Annual Agency plan $823.00

Now that we’ve covered the cost, let’s move on to the next subject topic.

Are There Any Other Keyword Tools I Can Use Instead?
Sure there are other keywords tools that you can use Pump Up Your Rank such as SEMrush.

Grow your online visibility

One of my favorite keyword tools, that I would say is number in my #1 top choice is called Jaaxy. I usually combine both tools to narrow down the best keywords for all of my blog posts.So I recommend taking a look at the Jaaxy keyword search tool Plus you can get 30 free searches today when you create your free account. Get 30 Free Searches Now!

Let’s face it, you can never have enough tools, and they both have their own little unique way of getting you better ranking and conversion.

Final Thoughts

If you asked if LongTail Pro Worth it, I would say most definitely worth it . If you are looking to get better SEO Ranking in search engines. Besides with a 10 year track record I don’t see LongtailPro going anywhere any time soon.

So it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a new profitable niche, and searching for rich keywords, LonTail Pro is the tool that can help you find the best possible keywords. If you like me that writes content for ranking then finding the best keyword is vital to my online business.

Earlier I mentioned Jaaxy, SEMRush keyword tools that you can try out, however my Aha Moment was that Longtail Pro can do so much more and get me more conversion. So it doesn’t matter what type of niche you’re currently working with, LongTail Pro can drive more traffic to your site and increase your monthly revenue.

So go ahead and try out LongTail Pro for 7-10 days if you don’t like it, then just walk away without paying anything out of pocket. Just that simple.

If you have been using LongTailPro Please Share Your Thoughts with the US. By Commenting Below this post. Psst…. If you enjoyed this article, could you do me a favor and share this article on your social media sites. Thanks so much

long tail pro review

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