How To Earn Money From Home-Geniune Remote Jobs

How To Earn Money From Home
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How To Earn Money From Home

How to earn money from home? If you are wondering how that works then everything you are looking for in this post. Yes I know you have heard the same old talk about filling out those long surveys for a few hundred bucks. No, this post is about working from home remotely full time for any employer anywhere. 

Ever since the covid outbreak and cases rising everyday.The ideas of working from home remote is becoming more popular and companies are offering jobs that fits that criteria. 

Personally, I work from home, but not for companies but with my own online business.You will learn more about what I do to earn a Passive Income Every Month later on in this post. 

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through the link in this post. I use all the products listed in this post and recommend them because they are companies that I have found helpful and trustworthy. Pleat let me know if you have questions about anything in this post. Read my Affiliate Discloser Here. 

Why Working Remotely & The Benefits 

Working from home remotely has its perks and you can find some good high paying jobs, gigs that can save you time and save you more money. Below you will find some benefits.and the pros and cons of working remotely. How to work from home to increase your income finances. 

Pros of Working From Home Remotely


Design your office the way you like it

You control where and how your space looks. Move it where you like so that you can be more productive on the job. Move it outside on the porch to get some fresh air to feel you not being stuck in the house all day. 

Help with finances

Saves on gas, wear and tear transportation, plus you begin to spend less when you are at home such as lunches, clothing outlets and even daycare expenses. 

Benefit Perks

Many companies offer good perks such as healthcare benefits, profit sharing, etc. Plus you can enjoy the freedom of working from home. 

Saves you more time 

Working remotely Now you don’t have to spend hours on the road driving to work every single day. That”s a lot of wasted time dealing with traffic and road rage on the way to work everyday. 

More beauty sleep

Working from home, you can sleep more, spend more time with the kids and family in the morning. Less stress thinking about getting up rushing to work. 

Cons of Working From Home Remotely

As good as it sounds working from home remotely, there are some cons. Here are some of those disadvantages. 


Isolated at times

Although working at home is great for some people, there are those who feel isolated at times. The thought not being able to commute with friend and co workers on the job 

Home Distractions 

There can be some disadvantages of working from home. There can be some distraction at home as well especially if you have kids, pets 

Less accountability 

In order to stay focused on the job task at hand you have to be self sufficient and self discipline.

The Best Remote Jobs

Let’s discover some of the best remote jobs available on the internet these days. The internet has become more empowered in ways people work. Employers are using the internet to create more jobs from home.Which means people can discover how to earn money from home remotely 

The beauty of these jobs is you can work right from your living room.Many people enjoy setting up an office anywhere in their home. Some people will find travel jobs that allow them to travel the world. 

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Digital Marketing

As a digital marketer, this is a perfect opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. You can

do some freelance work and do contract work for companies. Details paid ads,social media, SEO search engine optimization,video marketing. According to Ziprecruiter Digital marketing salaries ranging between $40,000-$81,000- $114,000. To find these jobs

Customer Support 

This job details consist of answering customers about troubleshooting questions, planning etc. These jobs pay very well depending on your skills. Customer support jobs salaries range up to $16 hr..

  1. Aerotek
  2. Concentrix
  3. Kelly
  4. Liveops
  5. Pearson
  6. Randstad
  7. Trancom
  8. TTEC
  9. WorkSolutions
  10. Robert Half International

Writing Jobs

Writing jobs could be about online media, proofreaders, researchers and editing fields.Over the years this is one the high demand jobs, and companies are people with the skill of writing If you have a computer and internet you might consider looking into writing jobs. Salaries for these jobs $31,000 up to $78,000. 

Online Education Teaching

These jobs are booming every single day. More students are more toward the cyber school and other online educational outlets through the power of the internet. 

This teaching job can be in colleges,or K -12 schools. Video platforms allow students to learn video conferencing. If you love teaching online teaching could be a perfect job for you. 

Accounting & Finance 

Do you have some skills in handling bookkeeping, taxes, payroll specialist, budgeting, finance manager, business analyst and more. Companies are now seeking individuals to handle accounting remotely from home. Accounting & finance Jobs salaries tops earning $50K -$105K. 

Where you can find some of these job are listed below

IT/ Support Specialist 

Now that the technology and digital cybersecurity has grown rapidly. Companies are now hiring IT specialists to handle this task of monitoring the digital world. Technical support is responsible for quick troubleshooting issues throughout the company. Keep in mind these jobs are limited because of the network and setting up computers and note that these jobs require 2 + years knowledge and experiences. 

Now that you discover how to earn money from home there are other ways to work from home remotely. Let’s check out some of the ways right now. 

Other Side Hustle Ways To Make Money From Home 

Another great way to make money on the side is doing something you love. However if you are looking for something to do while working your current job Here are my top recommended option to consider list below

Start Your Own Blog:

This is a fun and easy way to make money on the side, and the best thing is it can be very rewarding. If you interested in learn how to create your first blog and start making money online. Click Here To Get Access To My Top Training Course For Beginners. 

Freelance Work

Freelance work is becoming more of a high demand among bloggers and companies that need writers for a project. Discover how to find some freelance writing Jobs. 

Odd Jobs In Your Local City

Hell, This is a crazy side hustle. People are making over $7,000 doing simple little jobs in their city. For example waiting in line for someone else, Yes waiting in line. Making $70 bucks an hour folding T-shirts. Click To Discover Side Hustle Jobs In Your City 

I pick these top three because it can be done from home remotely, but they are not quick and easy ways to generate extra cash on the side. Whole idea of mentioning these resources is to help you earn a passive income each month. 

My Final Thoughts On Remote Jobs

One of the best decisions I ever made was starting my own online business. Working remotely has allowed me more freedom to do what I want at any time. Also it helps me stay focus and well organized during time it time to get down to business.There are good advantage to working from home, but there are some challenges to be face as well. 

With that said, if you are looking to learn how to earn money from home and create a more flexible schedule working remotely. Think about some of the resources mentioned in this article that could help you find that perfect side hustle job.

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Psst…Hey I would like to know if you are currently working remotely. Please share some of your advantages and disadvantages for our readers by commenting below. 

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