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habits of successful bloggers
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Habits of Successful Bloggers How To Make An Impact In Your Business

What are the habits of success bloggers?

If you are a just beginning a new blogging journey or maybe you’ve been blogging for many years now it important to understand the habits of a highly effective blogger. In this article you will learn the mindset of a blogger and what does it takes to become successful driving traffic to your website or build an online business.

I wanted to talk about some habits of successful bloggers and why it’s important to learn some of their method and philosophy.

Answer This Question:

Do you want to become a successful blogger?

I know I want too, this is one question I ask myself every day. I’ve been obsessed with study how other successful bloggers made it. I’ve studied their methods and strategy on getting traffic, SEO optimization, email marketing you name I’ve studied the habits of successful bloggers.

So, I ask you this question again,

Do you want to become successful? Do you want to study strategies that don’t get you any results


Do you want to study strategies that get you real results?

I’m hoping you picked the latter option. 

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What You Should Know About Blogging

If you haven’t’ noticed by now that blogging isn’t easy, it takes a lot of time and patience to become successful in building an online business.

We all have a busy life that consumed most of our time. But blogging shouldn’t be our life. Some habits of successful bloggers are that they tend to focus more on the activities the get the job done and ignore all the rest.

With that mindset, you can be able to get better results by doing less work. I’ve learned in my own personal life four habits of successful bloggers will equip me with the right mindset to grow my online business.

Here are four critical habits of successful bloggers listed below.

Habit #1: 80/20 Rule of Blogging.

If you were to picture an idea blogger they have a lot going on outside their business. In many cases, some them work regular full-and part-time jobs. If you want to succeed as a blogger you must follow the 80/20 rule.

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The 80/20 rule states that you get 80% of your results from 20% of your efforts.

Why Is The 80/20 Rule Important?

This method basically cut through all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. This rule teaches you how to get things done with less work. If you have read my latest blog post about the 4-hour work week. you can fully understand the power of the 80/20 rule.

The habits of successful bloggers begin by following this rule.

Habit #2: Network Like a Boss!

Upon building my online business, I’ve learned some pretty interesting strategies. Somebody told me years ago that it’s not what you know; it’s who you know.  I truly believe in that statement now especially when it comes to blogging online.

As a blogger, it’s important that you reach out to reach out to other bloggers. Plus it’s one of the fastest ways to get tons of traffic to your site. It is these connections with other bloggers that we open a lot of doors.

So, to develop the habits of successful bloggers you need to be proactive. Don’t be lollygagging around expecting the world to notice you. You need to start networking like a boss. Create scheduling time to interact with other bloggers in your niche. Spend time building relationships with mover-shakers in your niche.

Now you might be wondering why should you spend time with people you are competing with. That’s easy simply because these are people that going to help you get massive traffic to your website.

Habit #3: Get Ready To Work Hard

First off I like to mention the blogging is hard work, It’s not some magic pill you can take that’s going to make you filthy rich. And You won’t be living the  4-hour work week with blogging. I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2012.

During that time, I’ve worked hard building my business getting to the point that I good start enjoying the good life from my efforts.

Learning how to create passive income didn’t come from blogging. Blogging is not for people who have no desire or passion to learn how to build a business online. My point is you got to be ready to work hard building your business.

You have to get ready to put in some work otherwise, you will not make as a blogger.

Sometimes it’s going to look like nothing is working but you have to keep work, keep writing, keep learning new ways to make your business grow.

There are thousands of blogs started by people who think they are ready. Only to find out it’s much harder than it looks. Learning these habits of successful bloggers is the only way you will stand out from the crowd.

You have to work hard at creating content and learn how to market your business to the world.

Habit #4:  Use System Thinking

What do I mean by that? In my years of blogging, I’ve never heard of a blogger having overnight success. They all have a system that they go bye. Habits of successful bloggers tend to follow a similar pattern when building their businesses.

1. Focus on writing great, compelling content

2. Network with other successful bloggers

3. Focus on building an audience

By the way, this is good but you need to go beyond that by using system thinking when it comes to growing your business. Learning how to track what’s going on around you is key. Learning all about traffic generation is important in getting people to notice you.

Getting more people to notice your blog starts with establishing some system thinking. Learn all you can about Google Analytics. This is a free system that teaching everything about your business. This system tool gives you important information metrics like.

  1. Unique visitors
  2. Traffic sources
  3. Average people duration on your website
  4. Bounce rate
  5. Where people are clicking on your site.

I recommend learning more about Google Analytics. This is the #1 system tool that will determine your overall success as a blogger and business owner.

There you have it. These are my four top recommendation of habits of successful bloggers.

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