Fiverr Gigs – Most Popular Side Hustle Services On Fiverr

Fiverr Gigs
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Fiverr Gigs

Looking for ideas for a side hustle, Check out these recommend Fiverr gigs that members are making some serious cash flow for their talents skills. This is one excellent place to start working on your side hustle as a seller offering your talents to people looking to grow their business. 

Fiverr is great for bloggers, online marketers, and entrepreneurs. The platform starts with offering services gigs that costing around $5.

Graduating to a higher price tag depending on services offers. That price tag can reach up to $10,000

Choosing a gig to offer on Fiverr, seem like a difficult task to do. Since there are many people offering the same gig. You have to figure out what makes your talents different from all the rest. You have to show potential customers why you are the best choice for the job. 

If you are stuck on what services to offer on Fiverr, Check out some of the feature gigs above. All the side hustle gigs are having some good success on Fiverr. Many people are earning up to $2000 per gig. Look at Fiverr for ideas then put your own twist setting your skills apart from others and start earning you some cash flow. 

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you join something or register through one of the links, you won’t pay a penny more, but we’ll get a small commission, which helps keep the lights on. We really appreciate your support!

What Are The Best Gigs To Offer On Fiverr? 

Fiverr logo design: This is one side hustle gig that is selling like hotcakes. Every website owner or business needs a logo for branding their company identity. This is important for business owners. If you are a logo designer there is never a better time to start offering your talents on Fiverr. You can start earning some serious cash flow simply because it is such high demand. 

Fiverr website design: Another great gig is website designer. Many people are not cut out for all the technical side of building a website. This is where you can offer your services as a website designer to help others. 

Content Writer: Website owners are seeking content writers for their blogs. This is a great side hustle to show off your writing talents. You can make some decent income from content writing since this is in high demand among websites. 

Social Media Manager: If you have some talents in creating a buzz in the social media world. This is include site such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can charge up to $500 buck for your services. 

Graphic Designer: This is one side hustle that has a lot of potentials. This is one of the most popular and successful gigs on Fiverr. Graphic designers are making thousands of dollars from one single design. Now Imagine having three of four jobs that crazy cash flow. 

Brochures and Flyers Designing: If you have a hidden talent for creating eye-catching designs. You can start earning $50 for designing brochures for websites.

Whiteboard Animation: This is one gig that is in high demand nowadays. You can create some engaging videos with whiteboard animation tools. Charging for your services can earn you up to $10 for 30 minutes video. Plus you can charge extra if the client wants video in HD quality and voiceover embedding. 

Now, these are just a few side hustle Fiverr gigs that you can get ideas from. Join Fiverr and Start Earning Today!

How To Make Money with Fiverr -Start Selling Your Talents 

There are a lot of people making some nice side hustle income on Fiverr. In some cases bringing home thousands of dollars in sales. Base on the keywords that customers are searching for on the platforms. Sellers are getting top-ranked in searches that driving more gigs. 

If you want to make more money on Fiverr then you might consider trying these steps to increase your gigs by %200. Let’s get started on some tips.

Make your profile look professional: Use a real photo and in the about section tell your potential clients about you. Let them get to know you first and not about your service. 

Description of Services: Add irresistible information about your service and why they should use your services. Whenever a buy comes upon your gig services, they read your description first hand this will get you more gigs. 

Upload Photo About Your Gigs: People tend to buy more gigs based on the images that they see. In some cases, people don’t like the read the description part they buy what looks good to them. A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case so true. 

Use Target Keywords In Your Gig Titles:  This is important for getting more jobs in Fiverr. Having the target keyword in your title will boost up search ranking for example. I will design your Business Logo Design 

Add Vided of Your Gig: If you can try adding a video about your gig, buyers like watching videos of the gig they are seeking. This will also increase your gigs by %200 according to Fiverr. 

Offer Money Back Guarantee: Add this bit of information to your description. You can download images from Google to place them on your images photos. 

Provide Quick Service: Be quick I would say complete the job between 1-2 days. Buyers like seller that is quick in getting the job done. This can often lead to clients forever because they like the service they will buy again. 

How To Start Selling Your Skills On Fiverr? 

There are some steps to setting your account on Fiverr. Here are those steps list below

Create your account on Fiverr

Fivver is for registered members of the platform. You need to create your account as a seller by filling out some personal information. Then Fiverr will send you a confirmation link in your email inbox. Once you have confirmed your account, then finish creating your seller profile. 

Seller Profile 

This is where you showcase your talents and skills to buyers on Fiverr. As mention earlier make your profile look professional this will determine whether people will order your gig. 

Create Your Gig Offer.

OK Now that you have done all the steps above in your seller profile. Your gig description is important information about your services. If you planning on doing multiple gigs you will have to fill out a description of each gig offers to potential buyers. 


You can have clients all over the world 

You can earn some good tips 

A good way to showcase your talents and skills

Fiverr pay you if the client doesn’t 

Affordable Services 

Unlimited Earning 

Create Multiple Gigs Offers

Helps you find work 


Fiverr takes %20 of the seller earning 

Sometimes hard to get gigs because of competition 

Can be confusing for first-time members of Fiverr how to make money. 

Potential Buyers not verified 

It can take 14 days before earnings are clear. 


Fiverr has numerous gig opportunities for creating all types of Side Hustles, You can offer for bloggers, and businesses from growing their business and meanwhile earning you some good paychecks. 

Fiverr is a good place to start earning some extra cash on the side if you have the right skills and can deliver Quality work to buyers. If you think you have what it takes to provide good services, then Fiverr can help you earn some good money doing what you love. 

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