Aweber Email Marketing-The People’s Choice To Building Loyal Subscribers

Aweber Email Marketing
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Aweber email marketing is another one of those tools that every website owner needs to focus on in concerning a list. The biggest problem most people have is know how to find the right email service provider.

Aweber Email Marketing

This Aweber email marketing review will give you a clear understanding of how to build your email list fast. Here are some free email marketing tips. 

Aweber Email Marketing What’s It All About?

To sum everything up about this service provider, it allows you to connect with your list by forms of messages listed below.

  • Email marketing newsletter
  • Series autoresponder messages
  • Broadcast messages
  • Build your list
  • Create Aweber Landpages and more 

Aweber Pricing – What Is The Cost?

Aweber is one of the leading and most favored online marketers who are building an email list. With a 20-year track record of helping people build their business online, you can see why they are the people’s choice of email marketing providers. 

Along with that note, Aweber gives the solution to create an unlimited email campaign with the easy drag and drop feature inside the platform. 

There are tons of tools you can use to get grow your email list. 

One thing I love about Aweber is the pricing to use their services. Although Aweber does offer a free trial- However the cost is merely a cup of coffee and donuts of $19.00 bucks a month.. Sweet deal… Here are some comparisons of other email marketing provider 

and the cost for each of them. 

  • GetResponse -$15.00/mo
  • ConvertKit- $29.00/per month
  • Mailchimp – $10.00/ per month 

As you can see not a bad price for the above email providers. However, Aweber is the People’s choice for many reasons keep reading. 

Key Feature Of Aweber 

Create automated email sequences with AWeber

AWeber: Free email marketing and landing pages

  • Autoresponder-This is a series of follow-ups emails that is trigger by the subscriber action. Saving you time and money reaching out to your list.
  • Responsive Email Template- This feature is designed to resign itself to any user device, tablet, smartphone, or desktop computers
  • Split Testing -Split test your email campaign allows you to determine which campaign is getting more open rates.
  • RSS- Blog Feed – You actually turn your blog post into a newsletter for your list to see what’s happening on your site and new content published by you.
  • Landing Page Builder -Aweber recently introduces the landing page builder. You attract more prospects use their new landing page templates.
  • Third-Party Integration– Easy connecting to the third party site such as Paypal, ClickFunnel, WordPress, etc
  • Email Automation Feature – Let me put plainly this is a way to track who is engaging with your emails. See you clicking on links and opening your email. This is a good way to determine to delete those people from your list. You want people who want to be on your list.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

Aweber Support

The Aweber team is there to for you if you have a question, problems you might have contact support by the way of live chat or a phone called or email. Aweber is a rock start in responding to any issues or concerns.

Typical hours of operation 8 am-8 pm ET Monday to Friday, email and live/chat support are available 24/7.

Who is Aweber Email Marketing For?

Well, it is mainly for online marketers, and blog/website owners who are building an online business. If you are trying to build your email list then this is for you.

Connect with customers 24/7 with AWeber Free

The Good & The Bad Of Aweber


  • Easy to use
  • Low Cost
  • Landing Page Builder on a budget
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Follow Series to build a relationship with your list
  • Automation
  • Free to Test Drive for 30 Days
  • Great Support System
  • Amp email marketing ready
  • Integrates with Third-Party
  • Responsive design for devices
  • Blog Newsletter Feature


  • Can be a bit confusing for beginners
  • Design options are limited
  • It going to take some time to get used to.
  • Pricing might be net fit people budget for some people.
  • Adding videos can be a bit confusing
  • Other than that I have nothing bad to say about Aweber email marketing
  • Some of the Template is dated

Aweber Alternative Email Sevice Provider

As mention earlier of the cost for other email marketing providers. However, there is one of my favorite email service providers is called GetResponse Read why this is my second best choice for building your email list. Of course, it’s up to you to decide if your want to sign up for Aweber, GetResponse, I’m simply sharing my own experiences with both email marketing service provider both are good.


Now that you have read this article about Aweber email marketing. This is one tool I’ve been personally using for many years now. Not don’t get me wrong I like GetResponse email marketing as well, but Aweber is much more simple and easy to use. Plus it’s not too confusing for the most basic step of getting your email campaign up and running.

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  1. Aweber consists of nice features for a email marketer. Although, many email marketing services are sailing around the web, but this looks quite more unique in terms of working.

  2. Aweber does really have a lot to offer. So I believe for site owners Aewber is the best way to go for email marketing.

  3. I am not surprised as this has been a staple for years!!! I am not big into IM but I have used it before and this does it job well. Of course alot more aspects like patience and seller dedication as well as content plays to whether it is gonna be a success or not but this system is the best out there.

  4. This is very interesting and I have learnt a lot. I Intend starting my blog soon and all thelse information in this article are really coming in handy. I have taken note of Aweber for my email marketing. Thanks

  5. Detailed information about aweber email marketing tool.after reading this review I highly recommend this tool for great marketers

  6. To have an email list of subscribers for your online site is very important. it is then pertinent to liaised with a service provider that is competent. Aweber might just be your best bet.

  7. This is a well detailed piece. It considers beginners, giving everybody a good chance to participate.

  8. building my e-mail list has always been my headache. I guess Aweber could work. The pricing options is so cheap. That’s nice..I will give it a try

  9. Email marketing is a type of digital marketing in which people mail some specific to someone ,If someone interested on the mail then he /she can definitely check the mail once.

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